Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14 - Valentine's Day

So - tell me all about it?  Were you spoilt?  Did you over indulge (I did, a little, with chocolate)?  Did you get red roses?  Pledged of undying love from strangers? 

I got a rose ... from my son Liam and two little bears that are a fridge magnet from Jarod.  G-man and I went on Sunday as he wanted to get me a red blazer, but we had no success.  He did give me my favourite marshmallow mice and a sweet letter.

No pledges of undying love from complete strangers though - darn ;-)

We were asked to wear red to work, not just for Valentine's Day, but also in support of the Heart Foundation.  I'm a bit of rebel, so if 'told' to do something, I usually rebel and don't.  But I had a bit of a change of heart this year and decided I'd try to be more involved... so I wore red.  I would have like a sassy dress, but did not manage to find one.

The details : Skirt - Jet, T-shirt - Edgars (I think), Shoes - Truworths, Necklace and earring set - Justine Cosmetics

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  1. Hi! Thank you for adding me to your blog roll! I will return the favor. :-)

    That skirt is lovely on you. I like the last picture of you holding your hair up.

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  2. Wow! Someone is a very lucky chappie.

  3. Cute outfit. It flatters you by emphasizing your natural curves. And your poses are quite sassy. :)


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