Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 3rd - return to work

It's back to the salt mines for me, but I am taking Wednesday through Friday off to spend with my dd who is visiting from the USA.

Today's outfits is all from Truworths (except the jewellery which Taryn sent to me in September from the USA) ... even down to the undies ... lol.

Courteney and I were in there late last year and bought this outfit ... it was fun to go shopping with her for a complete outfit.  I've wanted 'narrow' pants and 'nude' shoes for a few months and decided it was time.  However, the shoes are about 1cm too high, but I managed.

I don't usually wear sleevless tops to work, but since I knew that we are still operating on minimal staff, I dared it.  I'd usually wear a little cardigan or jacket over it.

  So, what do you think of this look on me?


  1. You look hot! Very confident.

  2. I think you look fabulous! Wish I could wear something like that!

  3. I like it. The shapes and colors (pink, white, gold) are delightfully feminine.


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