Thursday, December 9, 2010

Please Play ...

I'm going to putting up some articles and asking your opinion ... and to me it counts.  I have some items in my wardrobe (mostly tops) that I have never worn, worn before I started documenting my wardrobe, or  have been gifted/donated or bought, but am not totally sure about them.  Please give me honest feedback and ideas of styling where possible ...

First one ... blue shirt, I have the same in pink, I got them from my sister a couple months back.  They're a little stiff, but I'm just not sure if I should keep them or not.

I took two photos, one with and one without a belt just to give you a better idea or what it looks like so ......

   ... stay or go?

I do consider them good 'go to' shirts, when all else fails.


  1. The shirt fits you nicely and has a nice shape. It looks very stylish with a belt. I'd keep it.

  2. It's simple, but it fits well and would look nice layered with a blazer or cardigan. I'd keep it too, and maybe re-evaluate later if you find you're not wearing it.

  3. Keep the shirt. I am not a fan of the pants IMO. Cool shirt though.


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