Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6 - Maniac Monday

... and today was truly  maniac, I barely stopped from 07:30 - 16:15 and did not even break for lunch, I gobbled it down while I worked and tomorrow is off to a crazy start as well.

The dress was a bargain from Contempo ... I saw it about two weeks back and on Saturday Courteney saw it and said she thought it would suit me, I think she knows me quite well.
I chose to wear it with a belt from Edgars and my wedge-heeled peep-toes.
Easy and breezy outfit for a mad mad Monday.

Just a few days left before holiday time ... I'm counting down the days - 11 days to go.


  1. Nice wedges! I need to get some nice black ones, too.

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  2. Pretty shoes. It's a hectic time of year: stay calm and remember to breathe.

  3. Beautiful dress and I LOVE those shoes! My husband can now point out things he thinks are my style, and usually he's right!

  4. LOVE the wedges. I definitely need some of those!


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