Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19 - Back to Basics

A basic office look with basic pieces ...
Skirt - Merien Hall at Edgars
Knit top - Truworths
Snakeskin looking shoes - Edgars, bought about 4 years ago and hated by Miz T.  She just took an instant dislike to them, but I love them, although I don't wear them too often.
Necklace - Contempo

Liam keep running up and asking me if he was in the background and sadly, I keep telling him he wasn't so he hung around asking to be in ... so this is just for him.

Just after these pictures I kicked off the heels and put on my takkies and dry mac and dashed out the door to rescue G-man who's bike gave up in the serious downpour we had this afternoon.  I spent 15 minutes waiting for the rain subside once I'd done shopping.

There were a lot of cars that failed in the rain and I'm sure there has been a huge amount of damage to cars ... I managed to hurt my hand when I hit something and my steering wheel shot back at me ... the joys of the African rain ... I do love a good old thunderstorm.

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