Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend catch-up

What a weekend we had!

Firstly, not being responsible for the kids, or keeping an eye watching time to fetch and collect was an absolute treat.  Since January, it's the first break we've had and so far, it's been fantastic.

Friday we went shopping at the Design Quarter - oh my goodness I could have spent thousands!!

Saturday I went round to my sister who is moving as shehad cleared out her wardrobe and came home with a bag of jackets, t-shirts, shirts and tops.  No cost addition to my wardrobe = just up my alley.  We helped her moved a bedroom suite in the afternoon and her townhouse is really nice.  Awesome awesome views from the patio.

Dinner Saturday with my sister Noleen and her hubby!  Wine, fish, great company and laughter always equals a fantastic time to me. 

Sunday we rode out to Magaliesburg - I think it's been my first ride on the bike this year.  Between not having a sitter and battling with back ache, it was awesome to get out, but I am so unfit for the bike, however, I managed and was not completely exhausted when we got back.

The weekend was just great - me, G-man, some family, awesome meals, new goodies for the house - just what I love ... and for additional spice, lots of loving too.  Hmmmmmmm ... perfect weekend.

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