Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, Monday - so glad you came ...

... you may wonder what I'm on about, but this weekend was filled with nigglies and I'm honestly glad it's Monday, in one way or another.

Firstly, Jazz had invited a friend over to sleep.  So, I arranged with the lady who transports the kids home that he could ride along.  I get home, no friend and Jazz says his friends mom said she'd drop him off.  Well, eventually he calls and is told that the friend now wants to stay over on Saturday.  I was livid - what the hell is up with South Africans, white South Africans, that they're beginning to take on the ethinic style of just arriving when they please, or simply changing arrangements as it suits them.  What the hell is that makes people feel they're so important that I'm simply stoked to rearrange my weekend for them?  Well, fine, he wants to come at 12 on Saturday but I say no 3 as we had arranged to visit the Brynaston Organic Market.  Need I say, he did not show, not even a call to say 'sorry, ain't gonna make it'!

Saturday morning arrived all beautiful with clear blue skies and gorgeous sunshine.  So we hastened the clan and got ourselves dressed and headed off to the market.  G-man took his bike as he was marshalling a funeral of a biker in the afternoon.  Off we headed to the market and as we got there, his bike was squeaking noisly.  He walked through a few stalls, debating with himself if he should stay or go.  Eventually I suggested he goes as his head was simply not there, and since he was due to ride and marshall a funeral, I felt it better that he get his bike seen to, however, we had ordered a name necklace for the Boo and a ring for myself before he took off.  The little people and I meanered through the stalls for at least another hour and a half, enjoying the crafts and such.  We bought some delicious veggies and nuts, a plant and a gorgeous birdfeeder.

We then headed for home, not without me first driving in totally the wrong directions as I'd missed the turn, then got so befuddled, but after doing two roundabouts, I finally found my way.  I'm beginning to think that a GPS as a birthday gift would be a good thing at this point.

Lamberts friend from his previous school called and asked to stay over, so they were busy busy the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday morning we puttered around ... G-man hung the bird feeder, then worked on the boys bike ... I got to hang laundry and played in my wardrobe.  I asked my Mom if she had any brooches she could part with and she gave me 5, so Boo and I went up to collec them.  I left my lights on in the car and the battery ran flat ... silly me but it's worrying since I had not been visiting for long.  So there we were, my teeny tiny little girl and I pushing my car up the road ... lol ... we got it to the corner about 20m away which felt more like 2000kms, where it's a downhill and then I managed to get it started.  Ech - need to remember to turn the lights off as my car is very basic and has not warning signals :-(

So we headed off from the nursery as I wanted to see what affordable plants I could get for the bed I'm creating outside the front gate.  I got three trays of seedlings and two 'false heathers' which G-man planted for me in the afternoon.  I also popped upstairs to the scrapbook store to look for an ink stamp as the one I'm fond of using is running a little dry.  They did not have the same colour, but I got another shade and a few pieces of paper.

We then headed next door to KFC for a little bite to eat.  The boys had gone off to ride the bike while we out doing the girl stuff.

So around rolls Sunday afternoon - I had helped Jazz with his Industrial Revolution and G-man was looking for pictures of steam engines and flying looms and i was in Beans room speaking with Bert when I saw movement outside in the road and what looked like teens having a fight ... I walked towards the windows to have a better look and then realised it was our neighbour across the road.  I shouted at G-man that their was a fight and that our neighbour was being attached by his estranged son-in-law, and he promptly took off downs the stairs and out the gate at the speed of light.

Its made me sad and mad and furious ... I don't know the whole story, I don't really want to know the whole story ... but there was the little one's, a little brother and sister, he crying and terrified and her screaming and begging, saying 'Daddy please, don't hit my grandpa' ... my heart just breaks.  I ushered the two of them inside to get them away from it, but of course, the damage is already done, there is their grandpa who they live with bleeding and their dads girlfriend is attacking their mother.  It just sickens me that grown ups, role models, the nurtures, behave this way in front of their children :-(.

Boo was very upset as she watched the whole fight from her bedroom window.  She was very stressed and weepy and I think what caused the most upset for her, besides the sight of blood, was when the son-in-law hit Graeme with a chair leg that he pulled out of his car.  I don't think she realises just how much he means to her and seeing him being hit angered her so badly and I imagine the feeling of helplessness in the situation escalated her emotional reaction.

Of course, that just blew all hopes of getting any scrapbooking done right out of my galaxy and upset the entire evening.

So, tell me then, how was your weekend?

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