Thursday, August 13, 2009

The 'Great Trek'

Yes folks, the time has come ... the packing is nowhere near done and there is still TONS to be done at #5, but tomorrow we start our 'Great Trek'. I've taken tomorrow and Monday off work and tomorrow the first thing that will happen is that I will take Felicia our maid down to the house to clean the kitchen and I'll do trips to collect the boxes for the kitchen while G-man sorts out the fence issue. He will then start moving whatever he has decided to do first. Hopefully tonight we can get the curtain rails up and I can start getting the curtains ready to be hung, at least the new ones for the hundreds of new windows!
Saturday morning our new carpets will be fitted. After that, we still need to put up the skirtings in Miz T's bedroom and build the cupboard but I'm not too sure when that will happen, maybe only on Sunday. Her room also has no light fittings as yet. I have also taken Monday to get bits 'n bobs sorted out.
I dont' know if I'm just VERY stressed, or getting flu, but I've been a wreck yesterday and today ... all emotional over the smallest thing.
So, hopefully when you hear from me again, we'll be settling into our new home!
Have a fabulous weekend and keep me in your thoughts.

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