Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Closer ... closer ... closer

The documents for the transfer of the house are at the Deeds office and should be done by Friday ... latest Monday (which I know the agents say to cover the hineys).
By Wednesday (7 days away) we should have the keys to our new home!!! Unbelievable! Exciting! Finally!
The packing in behind as I've been working and life got in the way along with kids and drama and the change in jobs and ... and ... and ... a slight case of 'who know's what the hell is wrong with me' to boot.
But, by all accounts and purposes, we'll be moved before the end of August ... now the real work MUST begin and I need to pull on my energy reserves and GET IT DONE!!
~::~ ~::~ ~::~ ~::~
The frostbite run was not as frosty as we'd expected for which I sent silent prayers of thanks, but it was pretty ... oh so very very pretty.
I have some photos on my facebook profile if you wanna take a look.
Had best dash again, snuck on here and am hoping to head home in the next few minutes :-)

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  1. Very, Very Exciting..... I love when Greg and I go on a ride, cold or not, it is the best time in the world, me and him. Love it.


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