Friday, March 7, 2008

Schweet ride

It takes more love to share the saddle than it does to share the bed.
~Author Unknown

Shit - my post just disappeared and eeek now I need to try and remember it. Darn, I usually type it in word first, due to this exact reason!!!! F.U.D.G.E
~::~ ~::~ ~::~

Hey hey, it's weekend and we're heading off to somewhere up North and I hope your weekend is awesome 'cause mine is going to be so relaxing - I have decided. No kids, no laundry, no dogs, no puppies, no family - just a whole bunch of strangers! I don't like meeting new people, despite loving people, and I know, there must be some psycho-babble explanation for it, but I don't want to know what it is. Once I know people, no problem, it's just the initial meeting that freaks me out. Anyways, I will survive - guess I coud just hide in bed the whole weekend - but yeah right, as if G-man is going to let that happen.

So Miss T had bloodwork done this week as she's been feeling ill for ages and running fevers for no apparent reason. She got the results and there's nothing wrong. Now we'll look at her diet (she's lost 20kgs since we got back) and see about exercise. Think I'll take her to a dietician as I do worry - she's not big on eating and I'm sure part of that is that she's scared she'll pick the weight back up. But, we'll deal with this too.

The cupboards are sorted and the kids have food for the weekend and alls that left is to get home and packed.

I hope your weekend is awesome and restful.

'Til next week'

p.s. picture above of G-man on his ride taken by Willie - loves you Schatz


  1. just awesome nothing else to say your just great my friend and your just so worth it!

  2. ah sassy mommy you are just awesome linda


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