Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where do the days go?

I tend to hop on the net, check up on a few friends, check out here and there, then feel too disinterested to blog. Not sure if many people come by here, but since I don't do this type of journaling in real life, I like to know there is a history of my life 'out there' somewhere. I just went past my previous blog and read a few posts ... interesting it was/is.
The kids are doing great ... I'm doing great ... fit and fat - all ..kgs of me.
I've been having a hard time this last week ... I think it may be PMS because this afternoon as I caught a few minutes of the Cinderalla Story DVD that Miss C was watching, I found myself fighting back tears. But, I'm over weight, my hair was showing way too many grey hairs, my clothes feel uncomfortable on me and I was just not loving myself much. So, as off today ... I am loving me and making a list of the wonderful things about me ... so here we go
  1. I'm a fantastic friend
  2. I'm a kewl mom
  3. I'm honest
  4. I'm reliable
  5. I'm friendly
  6. I have lovely eyes
  7. I am healthy (well you know, no major health issues besides my weight)
  8. I'm a good daughter
  9. I am an everyday Mom (I don't run in the streets and my kids always know where I am)
  10. I'm a 'can do' gal

In this new spirit of loving me, this afternoon Miss T coloured my hair for me, and now that they are off to church, I'm going to get off here and go and do my nails. I haven't done my nails in about 2 months, well I keep them neat and tidy, but I haven't painted them in that long, if not longer! I intend at some point this evening to do 12 minutes of exercise, ala Denise Austin's 'Sculpt your body with Balls and Bands. I'm also going to put on a face mask, read a bit of my book 'The 4-Day Win, by Martha Beck'. Then, I am going to put together a killer outfit (of course, that means black trousers ... lol) and tomorrow is going to be the most fantastic Monday this single gal has ever had.

So, the children started holidays on Friday (that's after being off school for three weeks due to a strike). Their Dad is coming out here on the 5th until the 17th. They're rather excited. I'm glad for them that he's coming to see them, it also gives me a bit of break, not much of one, since I still have to go work and am keeping my leave to spend time with them over the Christmas holidays.

That's about it from me for today ... I'm off to get the ball and band now and spend some time with Denise. maybe I'll be back here soon ...


  1. You are a Great Friend! I miss talking with you! Drop me a line sometime!

  2. I love you and you are everything you listed plus some! You rock girl!

  3. I think you're all of those things and more. I have always thought the world of you. :)
    This post is more than a month old though. How are you doing now?


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