Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Time keeps on marching

(My apologises for the awful spelling in an earlier post - gasp!)
One year ago, I was working at a job I despised for a person I had no respect for. I was about to get divorced, but it was also the month of our anniversary. It's almost a year since the divorce and I have moments where I can't believe how quickly the past year has marched by. We were married for 13 years and 5 days. He's about to get married, either tomorrow or next Wednesday we think. I am amazed that they chose the month of May! But, it's their choice and if she feels she can trust him, good for her. I still have days were I get so mad, sad, befuddled by it all.
We're heading into winter here in SA. Our autumn is not as dramatic as it is inGermany, the seasons seem to blend into each other then suddenly it'll be winter, or summer. Guess thats much how life is, the good and secure suddenly blends into the bad and unsure. I am amazed at how far we've come (the kids and I). I'm amazed by life, love, marriage, divorce. I'm simply amazed at how quickly things change, how quickly life is passing.
Today my bil serviced my lil car for me. He's such an incredibly wonderful man and I hope my sister truly knows how blessed she is to have him. On every level, he's an incredibly beautiful soul. I have such respect for him. I respect his integrity, loyalty, intelligence. I wish I could meet a man as wonderfully talented as him.
I dated someone for 3 months - let me first say, he's a good man, but simply not the man for me. He had the audacity to reprimand my son in my home! I about hit the roof. My boys, as with many little boys (and big boys for that matter) get a total kick out of burping. Sometimes, you just can't help it, but they make a big deal of it, and he reprimanded my lil one, saying manners are manners - well excuse me, I pay the rent here, I am their mother and I do believe I have retain the right to reprimand. Then, on a previous occassion, we were at his house and he asked his mother (who lives with him!) to get a small table, he marched into the house and in an irate, rude and loud voice said "A table, just a little table, anyone would do" ... I so wish I had taped him so that you could hear him - I was horrified, his mother was embarrased! I said to him, I just can't get my head around how he spoke to her, and I'm a believer that how a man speaks to his mother, is how he'll speak to you. he apologised when I brought it up, but it was too late - he should have apologised to her, not me. And, he goes to the bathroom and doesn't wash his hands when he comes out - oh yuck!!! Yuck!!!
Remember an earlier post about dancing? I need someone who can dance!!!!! Why is it that all my male friends can dance??
Know anyone who has an idea about kids, can dance, is reliable, honest, has integrity, is patient and FAITHFUL ... lol ... let me know.


  1. I found your blog...somewhere...don't remember where..but enjoyed your post! I have two girls and they were just as giddy when it came to burps in our house. I figured, do that in your own home and remember the manners when you're out. Works for me! Glad to see your point of view on it too! Have a wonderful day!
    in Florida, USA

  2. Good for you sweetie - you are right about the way a man speaks to his Mama being the way he will speak to you and I am glad you had your head about you and got out of that one.

    Love you bunches and have enjoyed catching up with you today...


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