Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sleep deprived

I don't know why I'm actually here, but I am.
J brought home his first homework. He had to write the letter 'i' ... he was so chuffed to have homework. He also needed pictures of words starting with 'i' ... right, think you can find what you need when you need it?? Hell no! I really need to get our pc's setup, now if only I could find the screws for the pc table!
I crawled into bed and was just nodding off when little man L came into my room. His toe was burning he said, so he crawled into my bed. Right - here we go - a wonderful nights sleep for sure ... his feet in back. his head on my cheek (yes, I know he loves me madly and he needed a cuddle, but heck, I didn't get much sleep ... although he did get cuddles ... lol) and then, just as I was nodding off again, someone decided to knock incessantly on our neighbours gate, which naturally is metal, so ting ting ting they knocked for what felt like 10 hours but was probably just 1 hour. When the alarm rang this morning I cursed it and told it to leave me alone!
So, now that I'm sitting here yawning and yawning, thank goodness I have had work to do, otherwise I'd be drooling on the keyboard for sure.
'Til next time

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