Monday, January 23, 2006

Love advice from ...

you'll never believe me, but yes, it's the truth, my husband ... the one and only, the one who has a new lady, spent at least a half hour telling me that I should be doing this, saying that, etc. etc. (No, I'm not going to detail what he said ;). I'm still stunned by this. We chatted for ages and laughed and spoke about our futures and discussed divorce, children, loves, life, friends etc. etc. It felt good and weird ... weird because he was my best friend and lover and he was telling me how to keep a man? and the good part, that at least we're talking and I'm not angry at him now, I'm happy he's found someone who makes him happy. Yes, we'll always love each other (in one sense or another), we just know it's time to move on and in different directions.
I spent most of the weekend at home tidying (except for Saturday when I went to do some shoping and oh yes, on my way to the garden center bumped into a truly old flame ... lol ... we never quite got it together, but stayed 'friends' for years)- I can't understand why it takes so long to get the last few boxes unpacked?! But, we're getting there, and YES we have the pc set up and iTunes plays and therefore, I'm not going to bother puttig the stereo up - I loaded a couple of CD's onto iTunes last night and we were rocking ... lol!
I so wish I had a magic wand - just a flick and all the things that need to be aligned would be, no frustration, no nothing - just whooosh ... done! Just how many times have I wished I had a magic wand?


  1. You are such a strong woman Wendy!! I could never do what you do!! Im so proud of you girl!! Love ya!

  2. Finally found you - and re-added you to the 'roll'.


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